Auto loans made easy. Here at Ontario Underwriters, we help our clients to simplify the process of buying a vehicle.

Are you thinking to buy a vehicle for personal or business reasons? We have many options for loans or leasing. We can help either if you already select a vehicle or would like to know what is available to you.

We work with clients with all credit history backgrounds including self-employed, new immigrants, consumer proposal, bankruptcy, high debt levels, etc.

Contact us to help you meet your goals.

Our process is simple. Just click on the “Apply now” button, and enter your information. 

Once you are approved our agents will meet with you to sign the paperwork before you pick up the vehicle. Our agents will work with you to find a time and location convenient for everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are your rates?

The rates start at 5.99% up to 29.9%​

2) Do you have kilometer restrictions? 

There are no restrictions for prime customers. Non-prime customers we usually restrict the vehicles at 185,000 km.

3) What about accident claims? 

No restrictions for prime customers. Deep sub-prime is usually restricted to $5000 in Carproof claims.

4) Where do I sign? 

Our office is in Toronto; however, our agents can meet you wherever it is convenient for you.

5) Am I able to pay the loan at any time without penalties? 

All our loans are open. You are able to pay any amount of the loan, in part or in whole at any time without penalties. For example, if you pay the loan in full in 1 month you will pay only 1 month of interest.

6) Alternatively, we can offer leases (for commercial vehicles in most cases) these leases can be paid at any time, but not partial payments are allowed. They can only be paid out in full.

7) Do I need to decide on a car first? 

No. Although it will speed up the process if you have already decided on a vehicle, we can pre-approved you for a loan and decide on the vehicle later.

8) Do you sell cars? 

No. We do have a network of dealers across Southern Ontario that work with us. We will be happy to refer you to one of our reputable affiliates.  

9) What model years do we finance?

We can finance any model year of vehicle. If the vehicle is more than 10 years old, the interest rate is higher. 

10) What types of vehicles can be finance?

We finance any passenger vehicles, plus light-duty commercial vehicles.

11) Do we finance anything other than cars and trucks?

Yes, we finance leisure and recreation products such as: Motorcycles, ATVs, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, recreational vehicles (RVs), trailers, etc.