The full-service auto loan source, providing approvals for all of your customers.


We at Ontario Underwriters are looking for dealer partners who want to increase their profitability. Ontario Underwriters is an automotive finance firm, dealing with prime, sub-prime, and deep sub-prime lending since 2004.  

We work closely with over 150+ dealerships in Ontario, securing open loans for their customers. We also offer lease options.

Our Dealerships partners see a difference in their number of deliveries per month! Our service is efficient and fast. Our office is in Toronto, however, our agents can meet the customer wherever it is convenient for them. Our dedicated team’s goal is to provide open communication with you, and to help you deliver that car.

We are looking forward to building a working relationship with your company. Allow Ontario Underwriters to demonstrate our commitment to excellence!

Every customer gets the rate that their credit warrants.

Our Process:
1) Fill the application online or fax us the application along with the bill of sale.
2) We do the rest, including all the paperwork, and our turnaround is usually less than 3 hours.
3) If the customer doesn’t qualify for the car that they are applying to get, we will work with you to find another vehicle from your inventory that can be approved.
4) Once the contracts are complete, you will be paid before the vehicle leaves the premises.

Our ‘program’ has no cost to the dealer and no dealer agreement is required.

Feel free to contact us and request more information about us or how we can help you increase your sales.


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