Any Score Accepted

Financing on the Vehicle of Your Choice, Bad Credit, No Credit!

Car Loan With No Money Down Up To $50K With Any Credit. Low Affordable Payments. Fast, Easy,  & 100% Secure!!! 

In the car industry we see these quotes everywhere. What extent can you trust these promises?

How long did it take you to realize misinformation from the finance company you’re working with can harm your business? When customers are presented with misinformation at the start of the process, it will be harder to close them at the end. You don’t want to make promises that you can’t keep.


  • Are low interest rates available? Yes!
  • Will it be available for anyone or on any car? No! 
  • Can a customer be approved with 0 down payment? Yes!
  • Will every customer qualify with 0 down payment? No!
  • Can a customer be qualified without providing their SIN number? Yes!
  • Can every customer on any car be approved without providing their SIN number? No!


In the finance world, one person can be qualified with a lower rate on one car, or the same person might be qualified for a higher rate on a different car. The same customer might even be declined for a different car! 

 Financing is a very scenario-based product. There are more variables involved than just a credit score. While we access the lowest prime rates for used cars, it is important to be aware that those rates will not be available for any car or any customer.

Just like selling cars requires your knowledge and experience, finance is our profession. Our services are not limited to only taking applications from you. We are looking forward to your growth. We’d like to do business with professional dealerships who may need more financing resources or need a virtual finance office to take care of some part of the job. We don’t sell cars and we only focus on getting the best terms for your customers. 

We are confident that we can provide your customers the best finance option for their situation. After the application is submitted we’ll get back to you and your customers in 1 to 2 hours and we take care of the whole financing process. We are mobile and provide our financial services throughout southern Ontario.

Let us professionally take care of your financing and work together to create the best sales experience for your customers.