Canadian used wholesale market prices have not slowed, with prices down -0.26% for the week ending on Sept. 2 compared to the prior week’s -0.30%, according to Canadian Black Book’s latest Market Insights report.

The car segment was down -0.09% (similar to the previous week), and the truck/SUV segment slipped -0.42%, which is slightly less than the prior week. Three out of 22 segments’ values were up for the week.

In the United States, the overall car and truck segments were down -1.40% last week and -0.86% the prior week. The volume-weighted car segments declined -1.44% versus the previous -0.83%, and the volume-weighted truck categories decreased -1.38% from -0.87% the prior week.

In Canada, eight of the nine car segments experienced a decline in pricing, with the biggest decreases coming from prestige luxury cars (-0.28%), luxury cars (-0.18%), and sub-compact cars (-0.17%). The one increase came from mid-size cars (+0.14%).

For the truck/SUV categories, 11 of the 13 segments showed a decline —  notably full-size vans (-0.93%), full-size crossovers/SUVs (-0.74%), and compact luxury crossovers/SUVs (-0.68%). On the up side, compact vans (+0.61%) and small pickups (+0.06%) experienced an increase in value.

The average listing price for used vehicles, as per the 14-day moving average, was at approximately $38,250. The analysis is based on around 189,000 vehicles listed for sale on Canadian dealer lots, according to CBB.

You can read the full report here.



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