Ontario Underwriters are introducing an exciting new product to help you sell cars. We are offering our dealer partners an opportunity to add a link from their website (on other online presences such as Facebook, Kijiji, etc.)to a customized credit application.


In these times, our customers demand convenience, efficiency, and speed in the buying process. Online transactions have become an expected part of the purchasing experience. Whether you are using your own website, or other applications to reach the client, this product can maximize your returns.

Here is a brief presentation of what we do and our new product:


Once the consumer clicks on the ‘Apply Now’ on your page, they will see a credit application with your logo. We will try to make it appear like your website when possible. After the application is submitted, your customer will receive a Thank You message. If they click on your logo from the application page, it will bring them back to your home page.

In addition, the dealer receives a notification immediately. The notification shows the dealer the customer name, phone number, and also the vehicle of interest (if  they completed that field). The dealer will always know when an application has been entered, and receive the customer contact information at the same time as Ontario Underwriters.