The summer months offer endless opportunities for fun outdoor adventures with family and friends. Your customer might have dreams of cruising down the highway with a motorcycle pack, boating on their favorite waterway, or driving across the country in their new recreational vehicle. But, before they can set foot on the gas, they will need help figuring out how to pay for their new leisure vehicle. 

We now have the opportunity to help everybody to reach their dreams, independently from their credit situation.




Our new program offers the option to finance all kind of vehicle meant for entertainment. Example of vehicle that we can finance are:


¨ Motorcycles

¨ ATVs

¨ Motorhomes

¨ Boats

¨ RV

¨ Jet skis

¨ Trailers

¨ Snowmobiles

¨ Others (ask us about other options)


Length of the Loan


We are not limited in the model years for this type of vehicles. They can be finance for longer periods of time allowing flexibility to accommodate the payments to your customer budget.



We offer different options depending in the vehicle and customer credit situation but it can vary between 5.99% up to 29%.

All our loans are open allowing the customer to pay it in full at any time.